The Gooneybirds have always appreciated a well crafted song. Drawing from folk, blues, country and straight up rock 'n roll, they try to churn it all up into something unique to themselves. In addition to a rich library of original material, the Goonies have covered songs by artists ranging from Marty Robbins and Johnny Cash to Ike and Tina to Woody and Leadbelly and rock luminaries such as Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell. The Gooneybirds have been at this more or less regularly since 1987. 

Boyd 'Bump' Blomberg. Vocals, guitar, anecdotes.
Pete 'O' Caritas. Mostly just guitar.
Mark 'Munchie' Collins. Drums, drums and more #*@%!^& drums.
Chris 'Ryder' Ryder. Bass, vocals, sherpa.
Buzz Chopper. Keys
Adam Moe. Vocals, Fiddle